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Links are a crucial ranking factor for search engines to decide the rankings for different websites for different search terms. So, link building is important. Now, the question is what this link building is. Getting hyperlinks to your website from other websites is termed as link building. These hyperlinks are simply said links and they allow the internet users to navigate between various pages of the web.

Search engines use links to crawl individual web pages and the entire websites. If you want your website in the top search results of Google in 2017, you cannot take link building for granted. You will have to take this search engine optimization tactic very seriously and ensure you are building links to your site from only those sites that are not involved in spamming so are not at the risk of being penalized by Google. Building links to your website from websites involved in spamming backfires as Google disapproves this practice and pushes down your website’s ranking in the search results. So this becomes important for you to check every website comprehensively before taking to your website.

Here are some excellent link building techniques for you that will allow you to make a smart link building strategy for this year and allow you to get maximum advantage from links.

Reciprocal Links

Reciprocal links can be a great thing to consider in 2017, but in a very limited number otherwise they will create your image of a spammer in Google’s eyes. What are these reciprocal links? There is a famous maxim – you scratch my back, and I will scratch yours. Reciprocal links are based on the same theory. Give a link to the website that you take link from. In simple terms, this is a link exchange; you give a link in exchange for the link you receive.

Content Based Links

Content marketing has been identified as the best source of high authority links. In addition to building links to your website, content marketing results in business exposure as well. When you are doing content marketing for the purpose of getting links to your website, you must be sure that you post your content on only those websites which are not involved in spamming as getting links to your website from such websites cannot backfire. Here are some sources of links from content marketing.

  • Articles

You can hire a professional team of writers and ask them to write well-informed articles and then submit them on various article marketing websites. The important point to note here is that you should submit your articles on only those websites that possess high authority in the eyes of Google. Don’t publish on those sites that accept just anything.

  • Blogs-

Blogs are also recognized as a great link source. Create your blogs on sites like and WordPress.Com and publish informative blogs on them. They will also be a great source to generate quality links.

  • Guest Blogs

Create a list of high authority websites that allow guest blogging. Write high-quality posts taking care of their guidelines and then submit your posts to them. Getting your blogs published on high authority guest posting websites is not a piece of cake. You might have to face several rejections and do editing in your content for many times. Don’t get disappointed when your blogs are disapproved but compile your all energy and write with more energy. You can hire a team of professional writers for the same or approach a professional content writing company to write high-quality guest posts for your business.

  • Press Releases

Search for the best press release submission websites and publish news stories related to your business on them. This will benefit in two ways. First, this will serve your motto that is getting backlinks. Two, this might bring your business in the limelight if your story is taken by any media professional to create a story on.

Social Bookmarking

Bookmarking can also be an excellent way to generate links in 2017, but again the condition is very same – you have to first pick up quality social bookmarking websites like StumbleUpon and Pinterest. Once you have the list of high authority sites with you, you can make these sites a tool to produce high authority links in 2017.

Social Shares

The share of your write-ups on social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin can also become a great way to create links. Suppose you created a blog on restaurant business as you run a restaurant anywhere. You publish blog posts on your blog and then share those on your Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin accounts. Readers find those posts to be interesting and useful then they will share them with their social networking friends. Some of the readers might give links to your blog in their posts or on their websites. This way, social shares can become an excellent way to generate links to your website.


Testimonials can also be a great way to generate links to your website. Suppose you recently organized a party in your office and you contacted a local restaurant via the web to serve your guests. If you are satisfied with their services, you can approach them with your testimonial. Your testimonial will automatically generate a link to your website. Moreover, the restaurant owner will happily give the link to your website as well since the link to your website will be proving the credibility to the comment. This was just an example; you can try this method for other products and services that you take for your business.

Web Directories

Web directories provide you backlinks, but adding your website to any web directory just for backlinks would be like digging your own grave with your hands, so don’t do this absurdity. Search for a reliable list of web directories providing useful information to their visitors regarding a business they are thinking about and then add your website to those directories.

Blog Commenting

Search for the best blogs on the web and read them thoroughly. Now, you present your idea in the comment section with a link to your website. Thus, you can get links to your website through blog commenting. Don’t make fake comments since such blog owners never such comments, so your all efforts will go useless.


Search for dependable forum websites related to your business on Google and then create your account on those websites that are relevant and dependable at the same time. Now, search for queries that you can answer and provide your best reply to these questions. This will benefit in two manners – you will get the identity of an expert on those forums, and you will get backlinks as well. So, you would be able to kill two birds with one stone.

Scholarship Contests

Launching scholarship contests can do great benefit to your business in terms of getting high authority .edu and .gov links. What all you will have to do is you will have to design a contest and then approach schools, colleges, and universities with your idea. This contest will allow you to get these links in good number.

In addition to following these all abovementioned methods, don’t forget to check the link profiles of the websites enjoying the first page Google ranking and then make a list of the websites from which you don’t have links. Check every website that they have linked to but you don’t. Now, make a list of the websites that are of high authority and then commence your effort to get links from those websites as well. Thus, you can make your link profile stronger and expect results from your campaign.

If you are doing or going to start your link building campaign, this is important to keep checking your link profile from time to time to check every link is okay and none of them has become spam links so needs to be deleted. If any link appears being spammed, remove that immediately. How can you check for spam links? Disavow tool is the answer to this question.

If you want the maximum possible return from link building in 2017, assign this job to a trustworthy link building company as that will form a specialized link building strategy per custom requirements of your website.