Link building and content marketing are two major components of search engine optimization, as these two play major role in your website’s positioning in organic search results. Both are equally important, but these days, SEO experts are giving more value to content than links. If you see the statistics of last few years, you will notice that content has become the most favorable way to promote websites on search engines and link building has been looking at this sadly. Most of the internet marketing experts are considering content to be the best way to earn links which are important in rankings on search engines.

Nothing Is Wrong With Manual Link Building-

There is no problem with link building but the way links are being built to help any website. Link building is as important as content marketing is since Google counts links to be like trust votes in favor of a website and if you have valid votes with you, the search engine prefers your websites in its search engine results. So, if you want to see your website in top search results with stability, you should give equal value to link building as you give to content marketing but the link strategy must be following Google guidelines.

Bye, Bye Irrelevant Links

Google checks link source as well. So when you build links to your site, this is important to check that links should be relevant to your website content.

Bye, Bye Reciprocal Exchange

Google disapproves the theory of I scratch your back and you scratch mine in link building. If you believe in this theory and build reciprocal exchange links using this theory, your links will do exact reverse of what you want. If you build many links based on this theory, this is sure the link building will ruin your search engine optimization efforts.

Links From Sites With Low Authority-

Where you have gotten a link to your site plays an important role in determining the authority of your website. If you have gotten a link to your website from a high authority source, the value of your website will increase for Google. But, if you have gotten that link from a low-authority website, that link will down the value of your website for the search engine. Thus, it would not be a smart strategy to build links from low authority websites in order to increase link count.

Link Without Meaningful content-

Posting links pointing to your website from any website without adding some relevant content is not seen as a good link building idea. Whenever you are planning to post a link somewhere, do add some semantic content there so that link does not appear as a spam tactic to the search engine.

Links From Some Selected Domains Only

Building links is important since their quantity matters but this does not mean that you would build links in high quantity to your website from some selected domains only. Suppose, you have few selected domains from where you build links to your website then this would appear suspicious to the search engine and this will decrease the value of your website for the search engine.

Links With Keyword-Matched Anchor Texts-

Those days have become a thing of past when anchor texts would matter a lot for links. This would happen when Keyword optimization was thought to be synonymous with search engine optimization. In present time, this technique has become useless and seen as a spam practice by the search engine.

Link Schemes-

Google does not like link schemes. If you have a thought that Google will value your link pyramids and wheels, you are doing a big mistake. It is against Google’s terms and conditions. If Google finds your website involved in link scheming, the search will down the ranking of your site in organic search results.

Instead of calling link building to be of no use and putting this at bay, it is really a good time to check your link strategy and profile. Make sure links are alright as per the aforementioned characteristics. Additionally, reach an expert search engine optimization company in India, because search engine optimization companies in India are known for delivering best quality at very low price. The SEO Company in India will explain you in detail about what sort of link building strategy you should have and do this for you if you ask them to do so.