Content is the undisputed king of all internet marketing strategies. Moreover, there is no risk to its throne, neither in the present nor future. Whatever you do, whether you make a website, run SEO campaign for first page Google ranking, or make a pay per click ad campaign, you need content. You cannot assume even in your dreams to go without content.

Content is the king but…

‘Content is the king’ does not mean that you would write just anything and that will work. No, that will not work at all. If you want to gain maximum advantage from your content, you must catch the nerves of your target market. You must know what your audiences are looking for; what kinds of the problem they are facing while making their choices; what sort of problems they are facing with the products or services…

Be Specific

Once you know these things, create one post for each aspect. Don’t try to address all in one post; this will make your all efforts waste. This will make your efforts waste because if you try to say everything in one post, you would not be able to address any issue properly. You would not be able to deliver your best. For example, in this post, I am talking about content writing, but if I start talking about other aspects of internet marketing as well then would I be able to say everything that I wanted to say about content since I would have to address every aspect and give time to everything? For sure, this would be difficult, or the post will become so long that seeing the length of the content readers would think to read this post later in their idle time. Maybe after skipping the post once, they will never get a chance to read this post because getting free time in this busy world is really difficult and what free time people get, they want to enjoy that with their friends and family. So, the purpose of writing this post will remain unfulfilled. Contrarily, if I talk only about the content only, the readers will not find the content length to be so high that they would want to skip that for reading in future.

Writing a content piece is not useful until that reaches to your target audience

I am writing this blog for you, and if this does not reach you, all the efforts will go waste. I am writing this blog for my company, and this will be published on company’s blog. Similarly, if you are writing a content piece, you also have a similar goal behind your writing that your content piece should reach your target audience. This is feasible only if you publish your content on the right platform. If you choose a wrong platform to publish your content, you will not be able to achieve anticipated response from that content piece.

Content as backlink source

An important thing towards which I would want to draw your attention is most of the internet marketing campaigners see content as a great source of quality backlinks to their website. In order to create more and more links since links considerably matter for first page Google ranking, many internet marketers and SEOs focus on creating content in a great volume so that they can build many links using those content pieces. They don’t focus on the meaningfulness of the content, they just want to have space to add two links to every content piece and publish the same on different platforms. If content quality is well, there is nothing wrong in doing this, but if you are posting scrap content and trying to convince Google to rank your website high in search results by serving Google users with waste content, you are making a terrible mistake. Google is not a fool. Google is a team of highly expert technical experts and bright minds. They are aware of this practice and keep eyes on such efforts and penalize websites involved in doing such things.

How much is enough in terms of the length of the content?

How much is enough in terms with the length of the content?

I have seen many people inquiring about this. While writing your post, your whole concentration should be on defining the things well instead of stretching or shortening the length of the content. However, if you can keep the length close to thousand words, the length would be ideal. If you target to write one thousand words in your content, then you will have to focus on several aspects of the subject you are talking about. This means you will provide much material to your audience. But, you must take care of this thing that you should not stretch your post unnecessarily, as this will decrease the value of your content piece.

Thus, you have known that despite being the king of the internet marketing world, this cannot be of any use for your purpose if you don’t use this carefully. This is not the case in internet marketing world only, but in the real world as well. Kings could not do anything if they did not get the support of their ministers. Read history books, and this will become evident to you. If we talk about business people, a businessperson cannot accomplish his business vision until and unless he gets the support of his team. So, how the content can be an exception to this rule.